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The Last Film You Saw....


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Watched 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', a New Zealand film with Sam Neill which was really good, frequently funny, occasionally sad, beautifully shot and well worth anyone's time.


Also watched 'Anomalisa', an adult stop motion film which was frankly brilliant. Not going to say much about it because you should all.watch it for yourselves.

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I've always really liked The Big Lebowski and have seen it four or five times. It's one of my favourite Saturday night movies....but here's the thing. Much as I love its craziness, dialogue, characters, soundtrack etc; I think it could've been an even better movie. One or two of the subplots were unnecessary and didn't work; Bridges was too straight an actor, and not enough of a loser to really capture 'The Dude' (Think someone like Paul Giamatti instead); Buscemi's role was underwritten and all he had to do was sleepwalk through his scenes; and as so often, the Coen's simply had too much material, too many ideas, and ended up throwing the kitchen sink at it. John Goodman's character Walter really tied the room together though, and as you can tell I still find myself quoting the film's priceless lines years later, occasionally to the bafflement of others. Think I'll try and watch it again this weekend....online2long.gif

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Batman v Superman.


Bit of a car crash of a movie. Bloated (Hi Albert!), inconsistent character behavior, cynically embedded franchise marketing (Here, watch a teaser for DC's Wonder Woman asset on this character's laptop in the middle of the movie.). Watching it felt more like homework than an entertainment experience.

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