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Looking For Wedding Cars

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Does anyone know of anyone who does nice, reasonably priced wedding cars?


Don't want Starsky & Hutch, Stretched American Limo, Old Rolls Royces etc.


Would like nice Jags, Mercs, or if possible Black London Cabs.


Any other ideas or recommendations?

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OK the company with the Jags is called Sovereign Wedding Cars and they have 2 matching pale ice blue Jaguar Sovereigns, apparently. Tel 436 287


There is someone else who has a collection of horse drawn carriages - a landau and a brougham which are drawn by a white horse. He also has a gypsy caravan and a Cambodian ox cart, among others. I don't have a contact number for the latter (it's on my sister's intranet at work) but I can probably get more info if you are interested.


Good luck

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Thanks people, the Jags are beyond our budget, the Mercs come in a bit cheaper so might go for them, also got a few other companies who are going to get back to me.


£00's just to go from the Grandstand to Onchan then down to the Sefton. The honey moon flights were cheaper than that!


I might just get taxis, or just use my campervan.

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