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Mobile Revolution?

Utah 01

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I get a pretty good signal everywhere, even an hour out of Douglas on the Ben.


But when I try to use WAP browsing with GPRS, I get 'service not available'. I know it works, cos I was using it with an Orange PAYG sim over Christmas. I found a site with the settings and manually keyed them in, so someone must know.


Does anyone have a list of the settings for WAP/GPRS with Pronto Go? The helpdesk has tried to send me the settings, this doesn't work, and they're not on the web site.

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Talk about the devil, and he makes an appearance - just received an email of Cloud9 - something about the network launch I think - bit hard to make out, as it looks like this:




HTML-Email screw-up? :unsure:

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BBB said <I get a pretty good signal everywhere, even an hour out of Douglas on the Ben>


Hmmm, well you would 'cos there's no hills in the way. Most of the Island is well covered but there are a few dead spots up north. I'm sat in my house now and it says "no network". It works in the garden though if I stand on one leg.


MT put a mast up near us two years ago. Its less than a mile away but masked by a hill. Walk a few yards up the road and I get strength 5. That's UHF for you - line of sight.


I welcome another mobile system on the island but not sure about 2. There's only ever been one . Cellnet before GSM then our friends MT who in my opinion have plundered this island since giving a backhander to the government years ago. Anything that breaks MT's monopoly will be good. Don't start me on broadband....... :angry:

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What type of phone is it?

It's a K750, but that should be irrelevant. I was trying to get someones Samsung D500 to work also, on the same network,

and I did it in the same way, by keying in the settings manually


All I am asking for, is for some kind soul who is using GPRS/WAP with Pronto Go, to go through the settings on their phone and post the relevant data, APN, IP, username/pw etc.


And I have a full ham radio licence, so I like to think I know a teeny bit about propagation ;)

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Cloud 9 arrives this March according to their mailing on Friday:



The launch of your new mobile network is in sight!


Thank you for registering with Cloud9. The great news is that we’re making excellent progress and the main infrastructure for our network is set to be up and running in late January.


This means that in March 2007 we’ll be sending a priority invite to those who have registered with us to join Cloud9.


You’ll be the first to know about our launch offers and we guarantee they will be the best value you’ve ever had. Don’t forget, because you’ve registered you’ll receive half price calls to other Cloud9 users for the first year!


Cloud9 is committed to being the best value network on the island. We’re introducing brand new ways to deliver real value including Magic Numbers, Inclusive Cross Network Minutes and free roaming calls throughout Europe.

No other network can offer you this value.


If you have any questions about the Cloud9 offering please email my team on customerservice@cloud9.im or if you would llike to give me feedback direct please email me on lee.jones@cloud9.im


I look forward to welcoming you onto Cloud9



Lee Jones CEO | Cloud9 Mobile Communications plc



We invite you to choose any competitor tariff on the island and we’ll match it (or even better it). Plus you can switch to any other tariff whenever you like. No other network offers you such flexible value


Flexible mobile tariffs. Now you’re on Cloud9.


Other networks offer free phones, but they normally tie you in to a contract where there is no flexibility for you to adjust your tariff.


With Cloud9, you’ve got no worries. You’ll enjoy a free phone supplied through one of our Cloud9 dealers and our Tariff Match means you can change packages whenever you like. Guaranteeing you’re always on the best deal.


Guaranteed better value mobile.

Now you’re on Cloud9.


Cloud9 Mobile Communications Plc, Bourne Concourse, Peel Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM87 6JJ

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Apparently Cloud 9 will give you free calls for life to any two designated numbers. They will probably also need to be Cloud 9 customers too though.


Cool, now all someone needs to do is set up a gateway from a Cloud 9 number to a VOIP network and we can all make cheaper calls from our mobiles ...


(that's actually assuming Cloud 9 gets off the ground)





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As far as i'm aware (and I have been round quite a lot of the transmission sites on the island) a lot of space has been made for these companies in transmission rooms by other users moving their equipment closer together, but still I don't see any of the equipment. Cable & Wireless and Cloud9 are using existing communications commision masts, which is by a mile a whole lot less than what manx telecom have.


I've not seen any feeders put up masts, no antenna's either. The likes of snaefell needs the equipment dropping up by helicopter. Cloud9 are using Domicilium for piggy-backing their network around but the end user stuff doesn't seem in place. Cable and wireless seem the more keen I have actually seen their guys taking pictures of masts and surveying.


Manx telecom are getting people by the balls with really good 18 month contract which will hit the other two companies with a market thats already been swallowed up.

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Manx telecom are getting people by the balls with really good 18 month contract which will hit the other two companies with a market thats already been swallowed up.

Except of course for all the intelligent people out there who see it as a ploy to tie in as many customers as possible before the competition comes in. Even my mum caught on to that one.

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I was told by a fairly reliable source, that the mobile shops who have signed up as Cloud 9 agents have had thier Manx Telecom service agreement cancelled, and that the delay with Cloud 9 is mainly down to a delay with Manx Telecom not being able to port mobile numbers.


Its a good MT ploy trying to tie all the customers up to long contracts, but I don't understand them cancelling independant mobile shops contracts, surely its going to make them sell Could 9 twice as hard.

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I asked at a shop yesterday, "are the cloud 9 numbers 6 or 11 digits?" no answer was the reply.

If they are 11 digits I can see people staying with MT for the ease of use of not needing an std number and the interchangeability of land and mobile numbers.

Does anyone know the answer?

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It’s your number… take it with you

All Isle of Man mobile providers must allow their customers to keep their number when they change networks; it's a condition of all our licenses


Cloud9™ are pleased to announce that from launch, we will be able to support number portability and you’ll be able to bring your number with you.


You do however, have to request this service from your existing operator (Manx Telecom).

If you experience any problems with this, please let us know and we’ll do all we can to assist.




I assume if you can take your number then they must have 6 digit numbers

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