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Roxanne you always make me laugh! Just even reading your "auld who-er" just made me nearly choke on me cuppa cause i actually read it in a properly Manx accent boy!




My other nickname is Spanky O'Hanlon - Spanky after the greatest stunt man in the world, Spanky Spangler (me and my mate Jules would just go on about Spanky Spangler all the time) so in the end I took the name! O'Hanlon as it is my Mums maiden name, although she drops the O' (!!?)


So when i first came to London i told my new London mates about this and they all thought it was a good name for me and I became known as Spanky or Spanx (seriously once you get a nickname its hard for people to not call you it) and i would have people shouting "oi Spankeeee" at me in the street! Some people still call me it, but not too much these days!!


Whenever I have needed a user name for something I have sometimes used "ragochick" - rago meaning slang down here for someone who is a bit mad! Nowdays though i just use my name and sir name, i cant be arsed to think up a user name!

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My friend and I used to call round a blind lady's house to fill up our water pistols, but to gain access we used to tell her we were "derek and denzel" from the water-board coming to check her water pressure. She fell for it everytime. We were only 10 and my mate could do a great Windsor Davies voice (used to lover never the twain).


So the Denzel stuck and when I got into DJ'ing that same mate started calling me DJ Denzel.


I don't see "Derek" that much these days, he left Northern Ireland and is in the army. I get the occasional text but always lose touch as he keeps changing numbers.

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Mine goes back to my first PC and email addy, I wanted something a bit different and the place has some very happy childhood memories. It does puzzle some people, but it's better than the other one I've used Soderick, which did attract some comments.

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I chose my name because the actual Casino Crazy killed my entire family. I chose this name just in case i meet him on some forum and he says, "hey! you know i was actually the real Casino Crazy" I'll get chatting away to him and arrange to meet him down the pub for a pint. Then i will shoot him in the face.

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