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What's Happened To The Seacat

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If it had to happen, thank goodness it happended where it did. From the sounds of it, this could have been a very different outcome if we were talking 3 or 4 miles out in freezing fog.


damn right there, where else would such facilities such as tugs and stuff be so good on any of the steam packet routes.

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From iom online:


Liverpool coastguard received a call at 11.54am today (Saturday) to say that the Sea Express 1 had collided with a bulk carrier Alaska Rainbow in the Mersey.


The fastcraft ferry was taking on water and had two tugs in attendance. Three lifeboats and two coastguard teams were also called to the vessel.


The 294 passengers on board the ferry were unhurt.


The Alaska Rainbow was undamaged and proceeded out of Liverpool.


A spokesman for Liverpool coatguard said the Sea Ezpress I was 'fairly stable' and an investigation into the collision was being carried out.



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It apparently happened 1 to 2 miles off. The boat took an immediate list at the back. Glass shattered everywhere, such was the collision. It hit the vessel and then spun round then incurred the damage to the rear. The anchor of the other ship was towering above the seacat.

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I see the superseacat is in the docks on that map.


Is it fixed yet? I suspect it will be needed shortly




i don't think it will be going anywhere for a good few weeks.

It is probable that it may not sail again. Its 14 years old and the lifespan around 9 or 10 years. It is a very sick vessel now and it depends whether it will be worth spending the money on it that is required.

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