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Dab On The Way

Albert Tatlock

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North/South split again.


I think the Isle of Man is sick, the north of the island pay tax aswell as the rest of the island so why is it they are classed as second rate.


I think its about time the north got something other than the prison.


This is just evening up a telecommunications imbalance. The South gets DAB, The North gets long-wave. What could be fairer than that?

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I think the coverage in the north is from Divis on the hill behind Belfast so its really the west/north west that has it now.


The north of Ireland is only one of the places from which people on the island can get DAB coverage. Much of Ramsey and the north can get it from England and/or southern Scotland.


(But in some spots the coverage is patchy - so don't rush out and buy a set then blame me if it doesn't work)

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Are they investing in this? Surely it's a waste of money if they're switching off terrestrial from next year?


Sod DAB and bring on Freeview!


You're confusing 2 different things. DAB is a digital alternative to FM radio. So under good conditions it will work on a portable and in your car, for example.


Whilst Freeview also carries the BBC and UK national radio channels, it's essentially TV ... so you'll need a TV antenna pointing at the transmitter.

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The people in the North of the island, of course, will still be frantic about trying to find replacement valves for the wireless and new needles for their wind-up gramophones.

Won't we need electricty first?

Derr, that's the point of wireless and wind up gramophones, they don't need mains electricity.

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