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400d/ibook Combo. . .


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I do most of my editing on an Apple ibook G4 with Photoshop CS,but I also do a bit on a PC desk top with Canon digital professional. I shoot 90% of my images on RAW on a Canon eos 5d and an eos 400d.


The problem is that my apple won't import the RAW files into iphoto off the 400d. I've installed the software but it still won't recognise it? The 5d is fine on the Apple and both work on the PC...... :(


Basically iphoto wont recognise RAW files from the 400d

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Shit,fook,bollox! Small problem there then.....


Don't these updates at the Apple site fix the problem for you ?


I have 10.3.9 0sx but all the updates only seem to work with 10.4+(tiger)....


Well you could upgrade to Tiger and buy the latest version of the iLife suite. Or you could buy a new Mac with Tiger and the current version of the iLife suite pre installed.


Frankly this sounds like the perfect excuse to spend some money. You should be happy. Lovely shiny new Mac eh.

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