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Fletcher Speedboat - Needs Attention

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For sale - 16ft Fletcher GTO soeedboat with Yamaha 75hp eptt engine.




I have owned this boat for around 6 years now and she has served me very well and provided a huge amount of fun, but I have unfortunately neglected her for the last couple of years having bought a fishing boat now which is a little more practical and 'grown up'.


The result of not having used her for a couple of years is that the engine requires attention as despite running fine once going, it is hard to start from cold, in addition the interior needs to be re trimmed, and some minor work doing on the trailer.


I had the gearbox rebuilt last year at a cost of £500 in readyness for refurbishing the whole boat but my other boat and new house plus car engine in bits etc means I have taken the reluctant decision to sell her as she currently is. The boat comes with trailer (also needs minor work doing), brand new winch, GPS, sonar fishfinder/depth sounder, ski pole, ski ladder, rod holders, hydrofoils, newish Piranha prop (cost £200).


Once the engine has run she will and start and run quite easily and is good for a top speed of 40mph according to the GPS. Not sure why it is so hard to start now from cold (tried new plugs & fresh fuel etc) but it might just need the cobwebs blowing out after not running more than once or twice (out of water) over the last year or two. Could be fuel varnish in the carbs or rings sticking a bit perhaps. Probably an easy cure for someone with the time to properly look at it.


These particular craft go for up to £4000 for a really good example but because of the tidying and maintenance work that needs doing I will take £800 for her, which makes it a bargain for someone who has a bit of time to sort her out. It might sound funny but I'd like her to go to a good home.




Here are a couple of examples of ones in nicer condition to show that I'm not asking unreasonable money, especially considering the recent gearbox repairs, gps, new prop etc adding up to more than the asking price of the whole thing!



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