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I am fed up with the website saying there is a Technical Error whenever I try to book.


I tried yesterday and got the same problem. I sent them an email yesterday telling them they had a problem and no reply......


Its took 20 minutes to boook a single journey today :(


I had 3 in total to book ! Thats 1 hour on their bloody site !


I tried to update my member account details and it said that they hadnt been updated. But low and behold when i finally made the booking and it auto completed my details there were the updated details - so in fact it had updated my account.


What a frustrating experience !

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I'm having the same problems, only want to book a day trip aswell :(

Looks like I'll have to ring up and book it.


You've got to be careful. I tried to book a day return and it defaulted to automatically giving me a 5 day return 3 times. The difference in price was about £30. I kept on trying until it let me book the one day option I wanted but I had to perservere.

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Their website is driving me crazy.


I’m searching for that advertised - yet so far fiendishly elusive - £69 trip for car + 2 pax. I have yet to locate anything under £200.


The offer dates are from 31 March to 16 May.


After timing out yet again and attempting to change the options day by day and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I telephoned them at least 15 times to find the number shown on the website engaged each time.


So off into the old telecom book for a more friendly number and listened to five minutes of unwanted information and was then offered options. I selected my option and was promptly transferred onto a dead line! Wonderful.


I then rang general enquiries and got a person :) they transferred me twice when I was eventually told that they did not know which routes the offer applied to nor the days, nor the times.


I asked if there were any specials still available. They did not know!


Go onto the website and search was their suggestion as they would have to go into each and every sailing to find them too!


Wonderful. Not.


Perhaps we could have a competition to be first to locate a Spring Special offer! A bit like the old Golden Egg hunt.


They really do need something like this that shows the differing prices over a few days.

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I’m searching for that advertised - yet so far fiendishly elusive - £69 trip for car + 2 pax

That'll be the one that's advertised as £69 each way, but with an extra £12 if you want to travel on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, which means just about everyone who wants to travel gets hit for an extra £12.


Lets say you want to take advantage of this special con offer and go for a long weekend, taking in Mayday bank holiday so you only take one day holiday from work.


So traveling out on Friday 4th May = £69 + £12 "weekend supplement"

Coming back on Monday 7th May = £69


Total = £150. Which to my utter shock and amazement (not sarcasm btw) the website seems to agree, at least it did 5 minutes ago.

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