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[BBC News] Fast ferry back on city schedule


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Its great that they got the repair done so quickly and I imagine they had insurance so hopefully the fares will not be effected.


It's the one with the broken gearbox that's back in service, not the one that collided with another ship in the Mersey

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I was on SSC2 yesterday, was a pleasant crossing and very helpful staff for once, the way over to Liverpool on Friday was not that good...

The staff were all new and on their first passenger crossing of 2007 when suddenly, someone tried paying by credit card for their breakfast. 10 minutes later, 5 of them had worked out how to use the cash register and 6 of us stood there with cold breakfasts which we all swapped for hot ones!


A quick one... £5.40 for a sausage bap and a half filled paper cup of tea

and £9.60 for a breakfast with a half filled paper cup of coffee

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Pffft! They'll more than make up for that with the 'TT hike' in prices!


There is no hike in prices!


The Transport Minister says the Steam Packet hasn’t introduced major increases in fares for the TT fortnight.

Answering a question in the House of Keys from Michael MHK David Cannan, David Anderson assured the company is operating within the terms of its user agreement.

He added prices have seen a below inflation rise in the last 12 months.

Mr Cannan believes the cost of travelling by sea during the festival is causing annoyance for local people.

Mr Anderson says he’s aware of special offers for Island residents wanting to travel during this time.

Source: Energy FM news


Quick poke around steam racket site based on the cheapest sailing for TT, one person and a car with April and July for comparison:


Isle of Man >

Liverpool Mon 30th Apr, 07 07:30 (arrive 10:00) Heysham >

Isle of Man Mon 14th May, 07 14:15 (arrive 17:45) £174


Isle of Man >

Liverpool Mon 28th May, 07 07:00 (arrive 09:30) Heysham >

Isle of Man Mon 11th Jun, 07 14:15 (arrive 17:45) £284


Isle of Man >

Liverpool Mon 2nd Jul, 07 07:30 (arrive 10:00) Heysham >

Isle of Man Mon 16th Jul, 07 14:15 (arrive 17:45) £235


It's interesting that the May to June dates are still available, I thought this period was booked up solid.


I'm now waiting for the transport minister to come out with "All your base are belong to us"

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