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Wanted Shell Suits

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Does anyone know were we can get our hands on some shell suits, We need five in all.

I don't think you can get them anymore, we've trawled the net and had no luck up to now.

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Cheers Mission that's exactly what we want to do.


Surprise Surprise.


Stav Wrote

There's a boat in the morning!


Looks like that's what were going to have to do stav.

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Stav Wrote

You'll get there like!

Ta mate, we will opefully.


Mission Wrote


Heh, Stag Night is it?

Birthday m8.

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Kitty wrote


U tried Ebay?


Yep tried Ebay, just waiting for someone to hopefully get back to me, I'm not holding my breath though. I can probably get one but we need five.

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