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Iomonline New Website!

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Absolute pants. Navigational structure could be worse, but the page load times are atrocious. I can't believe the site is so overloaded that the bandwidth or processor is being caned.


I accept ads as inevitable on commercial sites, but at least they could take a leaf out of Google's book and make them context relevant: if I'm looking at a story on the TT I'm less likely to click on a ad for personal loans than one for biking gear. I'm also less likely to spend time on a site that wantonly wastes screen real estate on annoying, flashy ads than one that provides unobtrusive text-based ones.

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has anyone submitted the website for validation ?, maybe it's so slow as it's confusing the browsers so much

just using the tools in the firefox toolbar :


validate html shows 150 errors

including "This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!"


another check - "section 508" makes quite long reports too

css won't validate because of an unescaped ampersand "&" character


(unless these are trying to validate something in a different language !)

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Its made getting a quick overview or summary information out of the site almost impossible. I really don't think very much of it at all!


Is it me or would actually putting some news on it "improve" it considerably.


Its the only "news" site on the internet that actively puts no news of any significance on it so that you have to spend 60p buying the Examiner and then another 48p buying those 4 sheets of paper that masqurade as the Indy. Usually all you get is two paragraphs on any news item that say nothing at all, and they only stick those up at the end of the week after the Examiner has gone to press.

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Seems odd that they'd write a new site that probably isn't standards compliant


"IF you've been used to looking at our website from a Macintosh machine, you may be having trouble viewing the new site.

We don't support the 'Safari' browser – as used on Macs.


There is a solution though. If you find that the new site looks odd, or doesn't display at all, try switching to the 'Firefox' browser. "


I've a simpler solution - I won't bother looking at the site again

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