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Thanks for that..




I read Mr Proom’s letter with a mixture of incredulity and laughter. It was certainly refreshing, as I live on the Isle of Man where there could never be any danger of motorists being overcourteous.


As anyone trying to pull out of a side street or turn on Douglas promenade will know, it is impossible to make eye contact, let alone get a wave. It used to be said that one would have to be on fire before a car would stop, but that was disproved a few years ago when a hotel on Douglas promenade caught fire and the traffic would not stop even to allow the firemen carrying hoses to cross the road.


Alan Rogers, via e-mail

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"Dear Editor,


I write to inform you, and to share with you what I hope will be considered an amusing anecdote, that discourteous driving also exists on the Isle of Man!


Yours sincerely,


Captain Obvious (retired)"


I can't wait to read the letters page of next week's Sunday Times; I'm hoping to find out if teenagers on the Isle of Man sometimes smoke. It's like Reality's equivalent of Points of View on there.

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I don't often do this, but, getting back on thread, I think that the article is wrong. I used to drive 40,000 miles a year all over the UK. There isn't any difference between the two. There is always a better chance of extra courtesy if you're driving through a sleepy village rather than a town/city, as people are less likely to be in a tearing rush.


It very rarely crosses my mind when driving along the prom that other motorists are selfish. I don't struggle to make eye contact and often get let out or in. When I give way to other motorists I receive a wave of thanks more often than I used to across. ^_^

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