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Bulgaria. Anyone Been There?

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Just booked a week in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria for Her Ladyship and myself. Has anyone been there and has any handy advice about what currency to take (I know the official curency is the Lev but I believe they are happy to accept euros).

Any other advice regarding where to go, where to avoid etc. would be appreciated.


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Go to Holidaytruths.co.uk (dunno if i have the address right!) I always consult it when looking at holidays, I have seen loads of threads on there re Bulgaria.


Have been there skiing but not a sun holiday.


Oh and you can look up hotels on there too, not just resorts

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Nice part of the world, although the beach resorts on the black sea coast can get hellishly busy in peak season. EUR and USD are accepted quite widely, or can be easily changed for local currency if required - just check the exchange rate before you go so you don't get scammed.

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Went snowboarding in Bulgaria for last New Year and had a blast. It was pretty cheap as we got an amazing last minute deal, and the snow was just fab!! We took LEVs with us before we went to save any rip-off rates because it was their peak winter season.


Can't comment on summer holidays though, sorry.

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I would take Levs , if you use Euro they charge 2lev=1euro so you lose a bit also not every place will take Euro.


Lovely place and people but not been down the coast was in Sofia and plovdiv mostly.

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