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May as well give the ol' band a plug...




There's a few tracks from our album up on there, unfortunately with it being MySpace we can't put all the tracks up.




Through the joy of the Fuzz website we have put all our tracks up on the internet and you can download every one from the album for free! Check out suspectpackage.fuzz.com and grab as much as you can. If you like it and want to tell your friends that would be amazing, they can download it too :)

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Cool idea, thanks :)


POSTCODE - debut album "Zebracore" available for £5.00


Stoliday - our first EP was released today on Cloudberry Records, who are based in Miami, it's available from Cloudberry Records


Weirdo - we've got 3 eps under our belt and we will release an album at some point (maybe)

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As long as shameless self-publicism is the order of the day I'll put this link up...


Don't Care


OK, we're not a proper band, just me and my mate JP but we do a cracking cover of Jamie and The Magic Torch...

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The Black Monday Suicides


The tracks we have up at the minute are pretty old, recorded beginning of this year, recently we have moved in a much more death metal / experimental direction, have a full album just sitting around waiting to be mixed.

Next playing on the 12/07 w/ I Blame You at The Traff, will be an ace night.


For the sake of it, my old band...


Death of Another


Not too sure on what tracks are up there, but they we're recorded when I was around 14ish [18 now]


Good times.

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Another one, singer in TBMS and he was the singer in DOA, my mate Kriss' electro / pop project, xGlitter Boyx


He has two albums available, "Volume!" and "Steel Hollows", if you are interested, message him on MySpace.


Add all 3 if you like!


*Shameless plug*

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