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Dhss Officer Suspended


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Perhaps he has been reinstated to deal with correspondence from Isle of Man Pensioners Association asking for the pension supplement.


I can just see it now


Dear xxxxxxx


I refer to your recent enquiry regarding the availability of the Isle of Man pension supplement.


As you may have read recently the DHSS minister has confirmed that it is unavailable to people who have not paid sufficient NI contributions within the Isle of Man.


As you fall into this category I am sorry to tell you that you do not qualify at this time.


May I also take this opportunity to call you a moaning old git and kindly request that you stop whinging and trying to sponge off my hard earned NI contributions so you can blow it all on Steradent, cats and Murray Mints.


I have enclosed for you a Steam Packet timetable and refer you to page 3 where you will notice that there is a boat in the morning.


Please give me a ring if you need someone to pack your belongings.


Yours etc....

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