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Black & White Or Colour ?

Major Chip Hazzard

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Is it arty or just plain old fashioned and well past it's sell by date?


Despite all the colour that is available in modern cameras, people still seem to like the B&W stuff. Me, personally I can't get enough of it. I love the look, and detail it provides, which your eye can't really see as it is bombarded with all the colour. I think people pictures in B&W show the real person, but that's just my thoughts. Look at the attached image of a couple 'enjoying' themselves at a typical Paris cafe - you can see the truth of how they feel for each other, which would have been lost in a colour image.


But, do you think it's as popular as it was before, or has the B&W image started to fade into the past.


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I used to do a lot of B&W film & print developing and printing. Although I still like monochrome I've given up on doing my own mono printing. Reason? Digital! I really can't be bothered staying up until the wee small hours with my hands in dev, stop bath & fix. As I write this I had to struggle hard to remember the temp. for B&W is 20 degrees Centigrade.


I've taken quite a few mono shots while staying on the island. My favourite locations are.


The Steve Hislop memorial statue.


The Norman Wisdom statue, Ridgeway St.


The roof of the Camera Obscura (Latin for Dark Room) Douglas Head Road. It's just made for mono photography!


Laxey station.


Steam trains at Port Erin station*


*Authors Note: I would like to point out that I am NOT, never have been and never will be a trainspotter.

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*Authors Note: I would like to point out that I am NOT, never have been and never will be a trainspotter.


They all say that !! There will be a rush of men taking their kids down to see the steam trains at Douglas station this weekend for the Thomas the Tank engine weekend - just for the kids of course !!


But, I know what you are saying about the darkroom, the only really think I like about digital is the ease you can convert to B&W and tone the images..

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I have to admit I am a mono lover ;) there are times when only colour will do; and there are (I think) more people who like colour to B&W; but for me a really good B&W photo will always win out above a colour one. B&W is just more visually tactile (i'm getting all poncy now sorry).


I have about 20 photos framed and hung on the walls of my house at the moment (I keep planning on putting more up) and out of them only three are colour; although paintings are always better in colour (go figure)!

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