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Off topic just a smidgeon, but I act as an agent for some flats on behalf of the owner.


I keep away and don't hassle the tenants, anything they need I supply, I stay relaxed about the rent even though there is a fair bit due but there again I am not that stupid. For their peace and place in the world I stay at a distance.


Thinking that the owner is distant and vulnerable, the sneaky fuckers have now decided they don't need my presence anymore and have changed the locks. I don't want to go down the 'legal' route, er yet... (thanks anyway John . . . .!)


What would you do?

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I'd demand any outstanding rent and put the thing on a proper, formal footing. When one side starts slacking and not expecting the other to strictly observe the terms you run the risk of losing control, which is why you are your principal's agent, to look after his interests! It can be done in a nice, not heavy-Rachman, way, but that is what you should do. Opinion (not advice) voiced at 1.30 am; it will not change at 9.00 am.

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Get legal advice quick


Whether you as landlord or agent for landlord are entitled to keys and access is actually down to lease terms


It may dedend which locks, individual flats or the front door to hall stairs and common areas


If you try to force an entry you end up exposed to a burglary charge


You could go round and ring on doors and ask for copies of the new keys but play safe, take a friend to observe. It is a criminal offence under the 1976 Act to harass tenants

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