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Landlord Knocked Out In Pub Brawl


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THE licensee of the Railway pub on Douglas quayside was knocked out in a vicious brawl on Saturday night.


IoM Online


At 8:30 on a Saturday night? What's the clientel like in there nowadays? I haven't been in for a few months.


Or was it just the customers showing how pissed off they are at the shite, overly loud music they insist on playing in there?

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I'm going to try staying in..


...it's the new going out apparently. And safer!!


Maybe I'm just getting old but I think the standard of management in IOM pubs has fallen dramatically in the last few years...no excuse for this violent behaviour, but years ago a good tenant (as we had then) kept the rabble out and nipped trouble in the bud.

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I always thought the Railway, in its latest incarnation, absolutely stank. The posh beers and all that grotesque, quirkier-than-thou interior design failing to disguise an atmosphere of sweaty pissed-up menace. It goes for the whole quay - they can tart it up as much as they like but they can't do anything about the tsunami of chavs wreaking havoc. It's a sad day when a licensee gets beaten up in his own bar.

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The last couple of times I've been in The Railway there's been large numbers of chav-wankers in there.


Old enough to drink, no idea how act responsibly or drink responsibly, looking to cause aggravation and trouble however they can.


The place itself is very nicely decked out, but unfortunately it seems to be a magnet for imbeciles.


Last time we were out in Douglas we steered clear of the place completely.

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As purveyors of one of the nastier drugs, it could be argued that pub landlords deserve all they get when the consequences of their actions manifest themselves in their premises. Maybe the management of The Railway will now consider discontinuing the sale of alcohol - it would certainly make a visit there much more enjoyable for those of us that don't drink.

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