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Freeview Problems Up North


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Freeview reception up here in the frozen north can be iffy at the best of times but we lost the signal for ITV/C4 on Saturday and as it hasn't come back yet so I rescanned my digi-box which has now completely lost all the stations for Multiplex 2 :


ITV1 3 General Entertainment

Channel 4 (except Wales) 4 General Entertainment

ITV2 6 General Entertainment

Channel 4 (Wales only) 8 General Entertainment

ITV3 10 General Entertainment

Channel 4+1 13 General Entertainment

More 4 14 General Entertainment

ITV4 28 General Entertainment

E4 29 General Entertainment

CITV 75 Children's

Teletext 100 General Entertainment

Teletext Holidays (Wales only) 101 Text/Interactive

Teletext Cars 102 Text/Interactive

Teletext on 4 104 Text/Interactive

U-105 (Northern Ireland only) 726 Radio

Heart (Not Northern Ireland) 728 Radio

Radio Music Shop (England/Wales only) 729 Radio


Any one else with similar problems or do I need a new digi-box (only just had a new aerial) ?

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I watched the F1 qualifying on ITV4 (Saturday a.m.) and the race on ITV1 (Sunday a.m.) with no signal issues whatsoever (I'm in Ramsey and using an ALBA set top freeview box). I've not watched any other television programmes since but will check it out when I get home tonight for you.

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Just noticed this...it means us here on the Island, The apparent intention is to eventually use 64QAM @8k transmission mode. I believe this would be a reduced quality picture due to the heavier compression ratio used to SQUASH more channels in. If you have a chance to listen to DAB you'll understand just how much quality of sound has been sacrificed so that more "Juke-box" GCAP stations can be squeezed on to the multiplex. These stations, part of the so called CD quality future, sound awful, some are even in mono (music stations!). Nowhere near the same quality as todays FM stations.

Lets hope that by offering the Island (eventually) more channels, we don't end up with lousy picture quality. (Like some of the shopping channels on SKY)

HalfFreeview for you?

Are you currently served by one of the 1074 television transmitters in the UK that do not transmit Freeview (compared to the 80 that do)?


You were, no doubt, expecting to pay around £40 and get lots of new TV and radio channels.


Some people have found that a new aerial, twisted around to point at a distant transmitter gets them a full Freeview service.


Others, when they discover that Freeview starting in many years time, have opted for Sky’s Freesat service.


If you have decided to hold on for Sky News and UKTV History, hearing that analogue shutdown is looming, you’re in for a surprise!


Ofcom only plans to put half of the Freeview service on your transmitter. Almost all transmitters will only get public service BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (plus S4C in Wales) programs*.


So, there will be no Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Three, UKTV History, Men and Motors, The Hits, TMF, and UKTV Bright Ideas.


* five and S4C will move to BBC multiplex B, using space created by moving to 64QAM transmission mode.

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I ran through the entire list last night and only had a weak signal (and slight picture break up) on one channel (Ceebeebies, so not something I'd worry about anyway).


Does anyone else still get Film4 +1 on Freeview? I used to get it but lost it on one of the software updates.

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It's because of planned maintenance works on the Caldbeck transmitter site in Cumbria. It's work on the current digital transmitter.


You will have had transmission breaks and a weak signal from the begining of July and through to the end of November. Because the Isle of Man is a fringe area, the signal drops will be more noticable.

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Does anyone else still get Film4 +1 on Freeview? I used to get it but lost it on one of the software updates.

I think they pulled it in preference of C4+1.


Yeah, that did replace it but c'mon which would you rather have C4+1 or Film4 +1?


I know which I'd choose.

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