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King Of Mann


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On behalf of my people I have sent the following e-mail -


"Dear Former King David


Hope you are well. It is a lovely sunny day here on the Isle of Man.


It has come to our attention that you have assumed the Kingship of the Isle of Man. I understand that you have done this by taking out an advertisement in an English Newspaper.


We of the People's Revolutionary Committee of the Isle of Man find this totally unacceptable. Therefore I am writting to inform you that following the posting of a notice in the Manx Media (link to this thread) your rights and title to the title King of Mann have been rescinded and I have taken over the function of head of state.


You are hereby banished from the Island. Our comrades in EuroManx, Flybe and the Steam Packet are fully prepared to frustrate any attempts you may make to visit our Island.


Yours sincerely


President Declan"

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Issue III : Sovereignty of Man and Isles sold

As a result of the forced transfer of the Island, by 1806, the sovereignty of the island was sold by the fourth Duke of Athol to the British Government, and in 1826, on receiving a further payment from the Crown of £416, 000, the duke surrendered the remaining privileges of which he had "possession."


Claims of Merit


The succession of these issues provides for the following:

First, in the event that Princess Jane wasn't the heir apparent, Thomas III still had no legal right to forfeit his title of King without giving up his sovereignty. On that singular, Princess Jane should have legally replaced her brother as the sovereign. In addition, all future acts regarding succession, the sale of the Island and the sovereignty of the Isle of Man by Thomas III's heirs were without basis.


I'm a little wound up that this guy would think to make such a mockery out of us; but after reading his website I agree with VinnieK, he's a sad-o having a joke with his mates. It's a joke and he's a joke.


This is the same as selling realestate on the Moon or Mars; legal, kind-a, but nobody gives a shoit to care. That's why he used the London based paper and not a Manks paper, he knew he'd be challenged and dismissed. If it makes him feel good to reclaim a title that wasn't really his anyway, then let him.


Christ, we hardly recognise the kangarroo outfit called whitehall, so why would it matter if they give some English tosser a title which he believes entitles him to some rights; maybe he knows us Mankies better than we give him credit for, he knows he'd get a foot up his arse if he was to come to the island and spout this crap.


Staaue. :pirate:

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Saw the real king of the Isle of Man ,getting his shopping in "tescos" the other Day !


I can't see King Dave being any more useless than our current rulers!

Maybe we should invite him over to see what sort of improvements he plans to make for us ,his loyal subjects?

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The legal basis for the Stanley Lordship of Mann was decided c.1605 after Elizabeth's death - Thomas III (earl of Derby) has nothing to do with it except that it was his descendants who fought over the case - decided in London and from that judgement followed most of the Island's rights until revestment in 1765 - the guy is a nut

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Pah! He may have more doughnut eating experience than myself, but I have the bellies and digestive systems of all Mannin behind me. How can I lose.


Can we change the name of the Isle of Man to Decland if you win?


It's telling that his regal magnificence HM King Dave went to all the trouble to consult barristers, engage bishops, and arrange for his momentous stultification proclamation to appear in the Gazette, and yet neglected to make even a cursory survey of how his future subjects, bondsmen, serfs, and forelock tugging peasant rabble might be disposed towards his brave and exciting bid for the crown.


It's incredible to think that any member of the aristocracy, even the most sheltered and ambitious of quasi-royalty, could be so lacking in awareness of himself, society in general, and modern times as to imagine that resurrecting a 250 year old claim to what must be one of the most minor crowns of Europe could be seen as anything but the crank aspirations and whimsy of a member of the petite noblesse. He even goes so far as to place a wikipedia article on the divine rights of kings at the top of a list of "References and Sites of Interest" which to my mind suggests only two possibilities regarding the character of our future monarch:


1. He has an excellent sense of humour and this is all a wind up;

2. He is mental. Pure, jibbering mental.

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On behalf of the People's Revolutionary Committee of Mann, I declare that the people of Mann are no longer prepared to suffer this reign of terror any longer.


King David seized the throne of our beloved Island through mendaciously publishing an advertisement in London Newspaper. We feel this is not sufficient justification to crush the stout yeomen of Mann under his aristocratic jackboot. At the very least this coup d'état should have been conducted through the Manx Media.


Under my mandate as leader of the People's Revolutionary Committee of Mann, I declare that King David is no longer King of Mann and that I shall assume the role of President of the People's Republic of Ellan Vannin, until a successful hand over can be made to the appropriate civil authorities.


Anyone who objects to this course of action is requested to state their objections in the next 4 minutes.


The Revolutionary People's Committee of Mann might have something to say about this. I will establish a working group to explore the possibilities of a commitee meeting to discuss this.

As leader of The Revolutionary People's Committee of Mann I challenge your role of president and if you don't like it, tough.

All bow down to President Sidney, and bring me my jester.

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