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Fancy A Drink?


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Seeing as the Isle of Man was once described in the media as "80,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock" i was curious to know what y'all like to drink.


Am partial do a vodka and orange and a decent red wine, I get some stick for this being a lad but why should i drink a bitter or something that i don't like the taste of, plus i'm not drinking to get hammered, just to socialise, enjoy and relax.


It had been lager until i had vodka for a change as was sick of feeling gassy, best thing i ever did.

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Depends what time of year and what I feel like drinking, but normally a gin & slimline with a slice of lime, lots of ice - lovely. I particularly like the Zywiec polish beer they have in the Railway (or at least I used to until the DJ put paid to it being a nice pub where you could have a chat and not be deafened by 70s disco music! If this is no longer the case, could someone elighten me please!). Failing that, a nice crisp white or soft fruity red wine.

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It depends on what time of the month it is, if it's the first week of the month then it's something like meths and it can only get worse as the weeks go by. If it's the end of the month then it's anything that doesn't taste like meths or cheap!



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A pint of draught Okells in a pub but will try the guest beers

(funny how there is never guest lagers!)


Looked in the beer fridge and found:

Sheperd Neame Master Brew, Spitfire and Bishop's Finger

Wadworth's 6X and Bishop's Tipple

Fuller's ESB and London Pride


These are the more hoppy bitters.


Good quality Aussie red wine


Highland and Arran malt whisky

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Vodka and Lemonade

Whisky and Ginger

Bombay Saphirre and Slimline


Old Bushys tail - has to be a good one though.


White Rioja

Good quality Frascati

Ditto Pinot


Mai Tai

Long Island Ice Tea

Whiskey Sours


Dom Perignon Champagne


Not all together mind,..

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