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Board Information



To properly use the full functionality of the ManxForums board, you will be required to register. While registering you will be asked to enter a code from an image on the page, this is there to combat registration bots spamming the board. Also once you have complete your registration you will be asked to validate your account by confirming your email address, this is done for security reasons. You can resend your validation e-mail at the following link (remember to check junkmail etc) http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php...&CODE=reval



When posting on the board your current IP is logged, this is only viewable by the administrators of the board and will only be used for investigation or reports regarding ManxForums.com.

There is a 30 second post delay in place to stop post spamming and you may only register with one username per email address.



When you join the ManxForums you will be automatically added as a 'Fresher', you will be restricted from starting new topics until you have replied to someone else's post. Once you have posted your first reply, you will be promoted to a full Member.



Membership will allow you to:

  • View/Edit/Submit/Reply to Posts
  • Edit your own personal profile
  • Browse the members list
  • Store 50 personal messages
  • Send email from the board
  • Create and vote in Polls
  • Upload personal avatars
  • Can use search feature
  • Name listed in default black in online status
  • Ability to browse and submit to the forum Gallery


After making a good contribution as a 'Member' (250 posts) you will be automatically upgraded to a 'Regular Member'. Regulars features include:

  • Access all of the 'Members' features above
  • Can store 100 personal messages
  • Can delete own posts
  • Can edit own topic title & description
  • Can upload a personal photo - 100KB max size (200px by 300px)
  • Regulars listed blue in online status and icon mf_reg.gif


After Subscribing Manxforums.com, you will be upgraded to 'Subscriber' status. Subscriber features include:

  • Access to Subscribers Central sub-forum
  • Add events to the Calendar
  • Can store 5000 personal messages
  • Can rate topics
  • Access all of the 'Regulars' features above
  • Can upload a personal photo - 4MB max size (500px by 700px)
  • Subscribers listed in orange in online status and icon mf_sub.gif
  • Can start and administer personal Blog/Journal
  • Can remove 'edited by' legend from posts
  • Can delete own topics
  • 50MB storage per post or personal message
  • Can view off-line board
  • Profile customisation - custom background image (2MB)
  • Can upload videos to the Gallery
  • Blog upload limit (4MB)

Click here to subscribe!


Super Moderators

Moderators are chosen by the 'Administrators' of the ManxForums board. Features:

  • Access all of the 'Regulars' and 'Donators' features above
  • Access to The Moderators Hangout forum
  • Can upload a personal photo - 10MB max size (786px by 1080px)
  • Message store upgraded to 10000
  • Can moderate any topic/post in any forum
  • Name listed green in online status and icon mf_mod.gif
  • Can access the Mod CP (moderators control panel)

Board Terms of Use

Before you can use the board, you must agree to the ManxForums board, Terms of Use. These are to protect the community and posters of this forum, the ToU link is available at the top of the board.

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