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Lost Season 4 Us Viewers Thread

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Can we also remember to use spoiler tags for things that have not aired. This doesn't apply to speculation, but you're a dick if you read something that's going to happen and then post it here as your guesswork to look clever. Just don't/.




With three seasons under our belt, it's impossible to cover everything that's happened to date. As far as I can find out, there's been no pre-season podcast so there's not much info coming out yet but what we do know is that it's likely to be an even shorter season than was planned due to the writer's strike. This could be good, or bad. Who knows.


A summary of the season finalé is a good a place as any, courtesy of Lostpedia.


"Through the Looking Glass" is the 22nd episode and 2-hour finale of Season 3 of Lost. The episode was originally broadcast on May 23, 2007. Events come to a head as the Others engage the survivors at the beach. Meanwhile, Jack relentlessly leads the group on toward rescue, whilst Charlie struggles to finish his mission at the underwater station. This episode was the first to use a flashforward instead of a flashback.


http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Through_the_Looking_Glass for a lot more info on this, and any other episode.


From the tidbits I remember, there's going to be some focus on the temple (the four toed foot?) the Others and Losties have to band together against a new common enemy (Boat people) and according to the trailer, some people are going to get off.


It's going to be an interesting first few episodes. With this massive break there's been, they're going to have to hook people again early so I'm expecting something big in the first episode. Otherwise people are just going to wander off and forget all about it. It airs in the US on 31st January. Sweet Cheeks posted a rumour that it was starting on Sky on Feb 3rd. This is currently unconfirmed.


Edit 28/02: The Mobisodes are considered not spoiler material and will be talked about in this thread. Probably best you view them at the official ABC site or advert free at SpoilerLost. Be careful at the second one though, it's a spoiler site.

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Ohhhh thats got my juices flowing for some lost goodness.


Trailer dosent really give away much apart from some getting off the Island and Some not. (Presumably from Season 3 finale it is Jack and Kate getting off the Island)

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I have to say that the trailers have wetted my appetite once more for Lost...I just hope the Series keeps it snappy and moving on apace in the wake of Heroes.


The quick cuts in the trailers will need to be slowed down when I get home to see what can be gleaned....looks intriguing though.


Now where's my newzbin subscription!!!

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Ohhhh thats got my juices flowing for some lost goodness.


Trailer dosent really give away much apart from some getting off the Island and Some not. (Presumably from Season 3 finale it is Jack and Kate getting off the Island)


I think they may get off in the first few episodes


Also confirmed is the


Return of Michael


should lead to some interesting conflicts

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Well this opener episode for Season 4 has gotta offer some serious info for people to stick with it.


Loved Season 3 but there was plenty of "padding" and again the finale saved its ass I think.


I have stacks of Heroes to watch as I never really got into it on the TV so kinda saved it all up for a marathon session. Did the same with 24 and got halfway through the episode where his best mate cheats him, he saves the president and his daughter gets kidnapped... ohh wiat.. thats in every Season... and gave up.. The Season where we see his dad and Bro.


Can Lost really live up to the expectations of the viewers now though?

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Back this week dudes. Can't wait. It seems like years since S3 ended.


Has anyone been watching the mobisodes? Quite a head fuck with the final one




Click at your own risk. The producers have said that they are not spoilers for the main series but with this one I am not so sure

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Today's the day.


The episode was merrily downloading when I left this morning so I have got something to look forwards to when I get home.


I've stayed relatively spoiler free this time round too after completely ruining the S3 finale after reading spoilers about it so something good better happen.

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Premiere delivered. Sort of. It pretty much picked up where it left off. There wasn't the grand, opening mindfuck that started Season 2 & 3 off (Season 2 opening five minutes I still rate as pretty much the best five minutes of a television drama I've ever seen) which I actually think is good. It shows that the writers don't want to introduce more new things, more than they're happy with the plot elements they have to work with and will continue developing them.


I'm not spoiling anything by saying this is another flash forward episode, and I think I'm coming round to it now. Didn't like the last one, but now I think I see where they're going. As the series progresses, most probably in Season 5, I suspect the show is going to shift the timeframe and make the future the present and tell the story from the Island in flashbacks. If that makes sense.


I'll post more up here later as I actually want to rewatch it tonight.

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