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Graphics Can't Keep It Up.

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All of a sudden when playing WOW for about 5-10 mins my monitor will display red lines and dots all over it and various other graphics anomalies within the game.


It will continue for a few minutes once I close it down and then stop. If I start the game again after a few minutes they come back. I'm not sure if the fan is bust so it overheats? The othe rnight the computer shut down for a split second then came back on. A box prompted me with a crash message/email to which I sent but have not received a response.


Its a Radeon X800 GTO 256MB - driver 8.442-071204a1


Is this a settings screw up some how or do I need to spend some money?



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Deffo what Nitro said mate. Especially if you've been running it for a while. A quick fix is get an aerosol duster blast all the dust out and then have a word with erm erm erm the chap that was selling the 7800 at a very cheap price.



Honestly mate - time to spend some money I'm afraid.

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More agreemengt from me.


The X800 always was a hot running bastard of a card, and some of the fan controllers were a bit timid, so the card would actually overheat before the fan would spin up.


One option you do have is to manually set the fan to a higher speed than it'll set itself, run ATI Tool (download link below) and go to Settings > Fan Control.




(Settings is a button down in the bottom right hand corner of the app window when you launch it, and then you can select Fan Control from the drop down menu.)


Manually set the card to something pretty high, such as 80%, ("override fan speeds" and "fixed percentage"), if the fan is working OK you should hear it spin up pretty loudly straight away. The noise might be a bit distracting but if you've got headphones on or the volume turned up, it shouldn't be too noticeable.


See if the game still crashes, if it doesn't, then overheating is defintiely your problem.


The card itself is plenty powerful enough to run WoW so that shouldn't be an issue.


Trying to clean out the dust from the airways (as aleady suggested) is a good idea too.

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