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Black Renault 5 Gt Turbo

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1988 black renault 5 turbo

lowerd 50 mm

68 tho miles

4 good tyres

just taxed

dump valve

scorpion xhust

copper rad low temp fan and thermostat

good sondition

new brakes wish bones etc

goes well

900£ pm or 416317

must go as am bored of it may px for diesel

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What size engine do these things have in them? How many bhp? 0-60? Top speed?


What's the insurance like?


Will local garages like Q&S look after them when things go wrong?


Is this the one that's based in Ramsey? (Think I've seen it parked up on the Mooragh prom?)


If it's the one I'm thinking of it's got some sort of rollcage arrangement installed?


May very well be interested.

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The engines are a 1.4L pushrod design. From memory I think the standard power is about 124bhp or so but its a long time since I had my ones so can't say for certain. No idea on 0-60 but was one of the most fun cars I've ever owned by a long way!


Any capable garage should be able to look after one as they are in fact very basic cars as far as engines/electronics etc go (they have a carburettor not fuel injection for instance).


The only real problems I had was lots of overheating & blown head gaskets (they are renowned for it), but from the sounds of some of the parts Snakebite has fitted he knows his stuff and has taken measures to prevent that so you shouldn't have to worry.


I'd happily have another but I can't justify it.

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The only real problems I had was lots of overheating & blown head gaskets (they are renowned for it), but from the sounds of some of the parts Snakebite has fitted he knows his stuff and has taken measures to prevent that so you shouldn't have to worry.


I'd happily have another but I can't justify it.


I can't justify it either, but I've had enough of driving around in a 'nice' family saloon, so a mental nutcase like a Renault 5 Turbo might be just the ticket :D


I've been doing a bit of reading and apparently these cars do have their problems, but it's generally nothing that can't be sorted at a decent garage with the right parts on hand, which don't cost a fortune anyway.


At the end of the day squeezing 120bhp out of a 1.4 pushrod engine is a fairly impressive achievement, so I really do quite fancy owning this car, although not crashing it would appear to be a decent gameplan, as by all accounts they have the trauma resistant properties of a cardboard box.


Drop me a PM please snakebite, and we can sort out the sale over the weekend. (Assuming the car isn't a complete bag of spanners, of course.)

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ive had 13 reno 5 turbos

and i lot is said about them people call them unrelible

but there not that bad

like any old car u get problems

but on that 1 most of the stuff has been done

and garage wise

the best 2 garages i found 4 them were happy days motors and q&s

both because the people working there had experience owning them so they were good

perfomance wise

they are 120bhp

and 0-60 in 7-1

and insurance group 15

nar its not a heap its the best 1 ive had :flowers:

yer it lives in ramsey u dont get the roll cage for 900£ tho lol

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wiki link


Looks like it's a phase 2 from that.


I have to admit, I do like this type of Reggie. Had some fun racing against them in Guernsey back in the day - great initial acceleration (small wheels, light body plus a big turbo - T3?).


Anyway, if this is the car I think it is, it does look the dogs - pretty sure it is the one on the Mooragh and as I used to live there, I know these guys are well into the French hot hatch cars of that era (had some 205 GTI's too iirc).


Probably the best people on the island to buy one from if it is them as I'm sure they've owned a few over the years.


I quite fancy some retro turbo action myself as it goes but money just doesn't allow for it at present.

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Quality little pocket rockets and easy to look after if they are treated right. Miss my one.

I also had a renault 9 turbo - same engine but much uglier car. Rare as hell though! :D


Sure whoever buys this will be very pleased with it.

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I bought this car today, complete with rollbar and rather nice BMN-5-T plate, and it is indeed a bit of a stunner - snakebite has clearly done a very good job of keeping the mechanicals and the engine in fantastic condition.


The only 'slight problem' I have with it, is that I've been completely unable to get anyone to insure me on it.


confused.com thought about it for a few minutes and then decided it couldn't get me a quote at all, before referring me off to ring up a specialist insurance provider, which I guess translates as 'Prepare to take a shafting.'


The company I already use to insure my other car (a practical family hatchback), who I've been with for years (seven years no claims) and who have insured me on many cars over the years, including some pretty exotic sports cars and Japanese import sports cars, also refused outright to offer me insurance.


The thing they really hate about it is the rollbar modification, when I told the guy on the phone about that he referred it off to the underwriters, who then kept me on hold for about 15 minutes before telling me that they couldn't offer me terms. They even asked me 'Why did you fit the rollbar?' to which I replied, 'I didn't, it was in the car when I bought it.' (I think they suspected I was wanting to race it.)


I went on to suggest that having a rollbar in a 20 year old French car that was largely made out of biscuit tins might not be such a bad idea in the event of a roll, as it could prevent one's head getting squashed. They disagreed with me and said they wouldn't insure me unless I took the rollbar out. (So today's lesson is that the more likely you are to die in the event of a crash, the more favourably you'll be looked on by insurance companies.)


As such, the Renault 5 is officially off the road until I can find some bugger who'll insure me on it, I'll try the local brokers but I'm not expecting too much joy, I fear I'm just going to have to take it up the ass from a specialist insurance company.


Who the hell did you find to insure you on it snakebite?

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