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What's Sexy

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Hey D A - you do know it's bad form to start a thread like this without giving your own opinion, right?




Oh yeah, French chicks - love their accent. :wub:


Too right, Mission ---- I fully agree and was going to post but was overcome with a wave of vodka and coke and had to go to bed.


My answer has to be the sexiest things are the things that take you completely by surprise.....things that in a million years you would never think as sexy and then all of the sudden there you are thinking its the sexiest thing in the world.


I also find it incredibly sexy to fancy things that arent the norm. Sorry but Brad Pitt and walks on the beach are just fine and dandy but they most certainly aren't sexy at all......


And no, I'm not going to elaborate ;)

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Girls in nice fitting jeans....sexy.


Girls in those hipster jeans with half their arse bulging out of the top of them.....not sexy.


A little bit of muffin top can be rather endearing.


Better a lass is chubby than skinny, skinny is not sexy at all.


A nicely oiled bottom is very sexy.

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Sexy men...hmmm erm, ones that wash, brush their teeth and tend to themselves, ones that just tell you how it is, I think that is what DA is hinting at too, being clubbed over the head and told 'right now lady'. Oh and men with real hairs in real places where men should have hair, waxing for men, its all wrong. Although that said, my old boss (the one I do hate) had a hairy back, I know about this because of a game of hockey where he tried his very hardest to look 'well fit' when stripping off after the game but failed due to a mass of pubic hair on his back (coupled with his non-existent personality and his inbred highlander attitude and his lecherous general 'minger' status - all of which he was blissfully unaware of) maybe waxing for men isnt all wrong after all, guess I am just rather lucky Mr Bees isn’t too hairy a bear.

Cars, hmmm no, nothing very sexy about a car, actually I would be well put off a man if he had a stupid PE type of car. Motorbikes are ok but, again, not exactly sexy, the men in the nice leather suits can look quite pleasing to the eye. I'm with Ans on the bottom of the back thing, I quite like mine and Im sure Mr Bees well loves it. Booze & sexy - hahahahhahahaha is all I can say, hahahhahaa must go, laughing too much.

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Women in dungarees, and nothing else.

Pregnant women

Women with a bit of flesh on their bones(I'm not talking morbidly obese/half ton Mom)

That bit where a woman lifts her bum to allow you to slide her knickers off.

Women who don't wear too much make-up......


.....just women really. :)

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Ok, I lied. Birds with curves, perhaps a little bit of cleavage on show. Suggestive things, not 'in yer face'.


Mostly of course (AFAIAC) my lovely wife.


Note to self to keep her away from Tango though, seeing as she's extremely pregnant just now!

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Some man-sexy stuff :-


sideburns (unless they belong to the Chief Minister)

a natural tan from working outdoors, not going on a sunbed

big strong hands & forearms

big noses (hello Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean Reno...)

everything about Michael Hutchence, apart from his deadness

pirates, highwaymen. Even in panto

the voice of Richard Burton. Ooh, and John Hurt

the ability to talk silly, witty nonsense

Nicky Wire - 8ft of lanky, kohl-eyed Welshness loping around in a frock

good (non-camp) dancing


It's also really sexy seeing a guy who's a really strong, smooth swimmer. The exact non-sexy opposite is a guy who checks his reflection as he works out!

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