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I find men who are not conventionally good looking attractive, i dont like pretty boys at all. I like a scar, or a broken nose or a bit of roughness around the edges!


Everything about my man I personify as sexy, beautiful big eyes and a wide smile, lovely teeth. I love it when he laughs, and when you see men laughing without inhibitions, is so attractive.


I never used to really think about men's bodies but since my man it has made me appreciate the male form! So i love the bit on a fella at the bottom of his tummy, spec if it is toned and flat, the V shape thing that leads to the "good stuff"!!! Its like when my man rubs his tummy and gives me a flash, it just does something to me!! ;)


Chest has to have definition, and a slight 6 pack is nice too! Solid thick thighs are also nice!


Basicly I like lean but strong blokes and men who work out. Men who take care of themselves, but not over the top is the balance I would look for. Clean is important.


These are the aesthetic things though, mostly it is the personality in the end that keeps you attracted (for me anyway) and I think being in love, you find everything attractive in that person, AND ANYONE CALLED ANS.

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I love nice teeth! Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins has perfect teeth, I love fangs like david Bowies too!


Oooh yea hands are important and they should be sturdy (ie not girly) but well looked after, clean nails a must - ther must be nothing worse than dirty dry hands with calluses (spelling??) and dirty nails make my stomach churn!


Smelly men are a big no no!


I dont want much do i!

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Guest charlie_boy

Hmmm...when it's a man I like a really strong guy. 6ft at least and really buff from working out. I like to be the submissive when I'm in a man-on-man encounter.


When I'm with a woman, I like them drunk and compliant!!


Well with a face like mine, they usually have to be anyway!!!


(and before you all say "hey you're not ugly" or "you're not that bad" don't lie!!! I know I'm hideous!!)


The only women who ever give me a second glance are usually twice my age, desperate divorcees who don't bath very often!!!


I've slept with nicer looking men than I have women!

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Clever funny women in well cut clothes, a few pairs of really good shoes ( Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blhaanik), clear skin, well read, good grammar, subtle make up, silken hair , French or Italian undrewaer ( nothing from marxies or Anne Summers) a G spot which can be located when drunk and living at an address known to most cab companies


Oh, and not having kids who barge in at 8am looking for their dinner money


No mad dads or husbands who cant let go


or Jewish mothers

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