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we are looking for new members so if you want to join in the fun now is the time...


if you want to join or want to find out what this lifestyle is all about then email us at swingers@manx.net


the first party will be held soon (next few weeks ) and is strictly invite only more information will follow shortly


so if you want to cum or want to be kept up to date then let us know about your selves by emailing us swingers@manx.net





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I was swinging* yesterday - I'd forgotten how much fun it could be.



(*Yes, it was an innocent session in the park but sometimes it's nice to rediscover a few of the simple things in life)

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This is a new Jazz club that is opening, Yes?


There are a few tunes that I have heard and liked, but it's time my eyes were opened a little and I broadened my experiences. I'm all for trying something new... Where do I sign up?

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Uni - I think swingers know exactly what they ARE - they're just not sure who they want to shag until they get together with other swingers.


Not that I have any personal experience of course. Car keys or spin the bottle - I'd always get the ugly one with halitosis....

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