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We don't seem to have a topic here on this (not one I can easily find anyway) so I'll start one up.


Evictions tonight, I have only one word - YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! :D


Marco is gone, thank fcuk for that. Just Nadia left and then the house will be tolerable.


Must admit I am shocked though, he was tipped as the favourite to win. My personal view is that Stu will win it, or failing that, Shell.

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i've wanted to apply for big bro for the last 3 years, just never got round to doing anything about it(c'mon, i'm manx!), but i don't think i could have handled it this year.

full of ponses, deviants and weirdo's, i'd have ended up hurtin' someone. its been pretty compulsive viewing once it got going, and still is in parts, but these are not a normal cross-section of society that they've thrown in this time around.

vic, the pretend gangster,

jason, the up-his-own-arse-without-a-reason angry scot,

stu, the girls girlie-boy(ie,ponse),

marco, for f@#ks sake, how gay can one person be, he's got a whole countries gayness in him, law student? give me a break, who in their right mind would employ him, how would he behave in court?

emma, gives thick people a bad name, jade was bad, but she takes the biscuit, should have been put down years ago!

ahmed, absolute quality, assylum seeker, whoever thought to put him in was a genius!

nadia, used to be a portu-geezer, now a portu-gal, i call him/her "it", it has been funny watchin "it" squirmin with pain everytime someone mentions snip,ladyboy,sheman etc. but isn't it cruel?

michelle, bunny boiler extreme, see her latch on to stu straight away, and constantly questioning him about "us", "did ya miss me", cringeworthy, i don't think they'll stay together when they leave, he's been backin' off since she started on him, lately though he seems to be up for it, well he's a man, in there a long time too, bound to need his nuts by now. once he gets out though, he'll realise SHE'S A F@#KIN' BOOT!

dan's a fairly pleasant chap, as is 'shell, and as such the pair of them don't really entertain.

this new 'becki they've put in, she's a bad egg, it'll hot up again, which it probably needs, as it went mad for a while, but has calmed down considerably since.

the only thing thats been worth watchin lately is nadia's agony(do they, don't they know), ahmeds intolerance towards the deviants, and michelle and chicken's fake love affair!!

the unfortunate thing is, where can they go with it next year, what are they going to put in there? anything less than these weirdo's is probably going to fail............................................................................

...........................................oh my god, i've been sucked in again!!!!


quality moment from last night, marco slippin in the rain and wiping out his mum(who must be very proud!!!), almost on a par with bubbles's table moment!

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I couldn't have summed them up any better myself mo.


For sure they will struggle next year. You can't go back to a normal bunch of people like the previous series, which was without doubt the most boring BB ever. They will have to push the limit even further next time around and that will probably entail someone (or several people) getting hurt. I'm amazed Jason hasn't twated anyone yet and for all his talk, Victor too. Having said that, since Marco's departure, it will probably calm down a lot.


If you've been thinking of applying, next year don't think, just do it. You never know dude, you might just be what they're looking for.


I think this week will be quite pivotal; will the jungle cats get rid of Nadia or will there be a swing in the nominations. They've already said that Jason and Victor are in for a surprise next week and with Jason already on two warnings, he could be booted out. I think a lot hangs on what BB has in mind for a punishment. If Nadia goes and Jason/Victor stay, they have a much stronger chance of making it to the end. Ahmed is no fool though, he's woken up to the game being played and his voting could make a big difference this week. For sure though, the dynamic duo will be doing their level best to keep Becki sweet for the next few days.


Remember the year jade was in, so many people hated her but she just didn't get nominated enough or when she was up, she was up against others that the public wanted out more. The Jason/Victor partnership could still work I think.

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I promised myself I would not get sucked into BB - didn't last too long at all...


Should be good in there tonight! I heard that a wee plane flew over the garden with a banner informing michelle about the old Judas kiss that Becky gave her, be interesting to see what she thinks of that! Also the nominations will be interesting seeing how Victor and Jason wont be allowed to take part... hehehe


Not sure yet who I want to win but I have to say Stu did look well sweet when BB was questioning him about his relationship with the Bunny Boiler!


Mo I reckon you should go for it! You've got ages to work on your application vid... so start thinking fella!!!

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I think its almost a given that Victor and Jason will be up for eviction this week. The group appear to be getting on a lot better but we all know the knives will come out during the nominations..


I think Stuart has a good chance of winning it, Nadia appears to be popular with the viewers though. I guess it will come down to who is up for nomination and who the public want to get rid of the most.


It will be interesting to see if the group take the opportunity to get rid of Becki now or if they will leave her alone for another week or two.

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I reckon your right there Mission, I can see Victor and Jason going head to head... not sure which one I would want to see walk first!


I actually suspected that the gruesome twosome might have had thier first lovers tiff last night, over Jason's comments about miss Becki, I think he said something along the lines of he now thinks she's genuine and that they should welcome her into the fold... but Mr 'Gangsta Lovin' turned it all back round so that Jason admitted 'well, yeah maybe I should stick with my gut instinct...' And there's me thinking Jason was well 'ard likes!!!


My instinct tells me it will get down to Stu, Dan and Nardia for the final 3 as to who will win... I know nothing!

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Yup, I agree there. They don't even hide the fact that basically, they are discussing whom they should be nominating this week do they? I can't wait to see their faces when they're told they are excluded from nominating this week.


I'd like to see Victor stay purely because he's such great entertainment. Jason can go as soon as possible as far as I'm concerned, that dude is just too obsessed with himself. Did you see him in the small hours the other night preening himself before he went to bed? He was moisturising his face for a full 20 minutes... what a freak!


As for who wins in the final week. Well Dan has said he'll walk if he's in the last 3 so it will be between Stuart and Nadia. I wouldn't like to pick a winner out of the two though.

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i've wanted to apply for big bro for the last 3 years, just never got round to doing anything about it(c'mon, i'm manx!), but i don't think i could have handled it this year.

full of ponses, deviants and weirdo's, i'd have ended up hurtin' someone.

A friend of mine (also a Manxie) has tried to get on the show for the last couple of years but they've failed each time. He's a much milder version of Marco so he really didn't have a chance.


I think he will try again though. He believes that fame, the power and the glory will be his one day. What is your motive for wanting to enter if you don't mind me prying?


The prize money seems to have a much smaller significance now than it did in the first series when Craig donated it to charity. Since then Jade Goody has allegedly become a millionairess without even winning the show and careers in the TV industry seem to be a popular step for the former housemates.

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HAHAHA - actually Mission, Im with you there Get Rid of that whopper Jason... what's that face he pulls when doing his excerises all about? eh??? A chimp on some sort of helium kinda face going on.... Apparently, his pruning actually increases the more threatened he feels, I remember one occasion when the two girls came back from the bedsit, he actually spent 30 mins or something preening and touching his hair - Before BED FFS!


I do like the way Victor is at least open with his plans for 'house-hold' domination... although I do worry about his liking/admiration for George Bush and his policies!

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Woah, Ahmed and Becki.


Ahmed got his wish and the house clearly want Becki out at the earliest posible moment. Can't wait till later to see who voted for whom.

Edited by Mission
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I think it would be a good plan to get all the women/transexuals out - they sort of have there own silent-don't-nominate-me thing going on. Where as all the guys don't hold back, would be a funny show down.


I'd like to see Stu win as I think he's put in the best effort and done very well so far. Can't fault him :huh:

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