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Well... topic description says it all really. The £5 million is no specific figure really, only that it is clearly enough for one to afford anything!!!


I was just watching a program, and the guy was a billionaire. I looked at his lifestyle, and considered what factors influence the lives of people who have so much money. He was still working, and seemed to spend little timeMy at home with the family. But anyway, that's not the discussion here.


What would you do with the money? and your life? should you suddenly receive so much money that you were 'rich' and free from the pressures of money?


My own:


I would certainly make my life very comfortable. House, car... anything really (within reason) that would guarantee maximum comfort.... though, that doesn't mean extravagant comfort. I would keep a certain amount in savings and investment - to ensure (as much as possible) that my life, and the lives of my family and as many thereafter would be secure.


But after all things are covered from my end.... there would still be a surplus of money! Too much money to need!! Too much to "spend"!


With the surplus, I would then help other family relatives etc. and then I think, invest in my wife's home country. To try and better lives for people there. There is a lot of opportunity that I could work with.


The rest would be given to certain charitable work... which I feel strongly associated with, or that I could have influence with. I would like control with 'who' my money was helping, so as to make sure it was being used most effectively.


From a personal view, I don't feel comfortable in excess money sitting in account. Let the money be used to help the lives of others. Well... that is what I may do, should anyone like to grant me £5 million!!!


If you like my ideas.... I'm open and ready to receive donations!!


So... what about yourselves?

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