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Spice Of India - Ramsey And Douglas

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I have had a couple of disappointing meals from there lately which pains me as I always was a big fan of the ramsey place

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Check out the Courier this week for a 10% voucher valid until 31st May.

Might pay for your starter...


Well might not. I'm struggling to think of any establishment where a starter is 10% (or 9.something% whatever for your arithmetical smartasses) of the price of a main course (or the price of main course + pudding)


I'm not saying they don't exist but I challenge anyone to come up with a real life example. Closest wins

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Some time since this was discussed, but Spice India in Douglas, does the finest Chicken Tikka (dry) I've ever tasted. Their Masala sauce is gorgeous too. The staff are so pleasant. It really is a pleasure to visit. It's the one take-away which unites our family, as we all like something from their menu. Saves me going to 4 different take-aways to keep everyone happy!

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Do their curries still have a 1/2 inch film of grease at the top ?


It depends if you get GOOD CHEF or EVIL CHEF.


It's a lottery from the one in Ramsey on that basis as well. I had a Pathia from there a couple of weeks ago that was absolutely heavenly, the last one I'd had before that was pukey. It's really quite frustrating.

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I love Indian food but the last time I had a tikka from SoI ramsey, there was about 35% chicken and 65% sauce ~ NOT what I was hoping for at all


...and it's much more expensive than the excellent Chinese establishment a hundred yards or so back down Parliament St. ~ and you always get more than enough there :P

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