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Make friends with someone in IT, we have our own special proxy server and a stand alone adsl link which only the special few know about!


I did, and she gave me a bollocking for using Outlook. ' Eet is company policy for the lotus notes.'

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In what way is your home connection controlled by work? If it is just a standard ADSL line and you VPN to your work then just don't launch the VPN and set IE or what ever browser you are using for a direct connection to the internet when you are at home.



Quite a few companies who pay for adsl to home users give them a locked down router that vpns in hardware, and don't give the staff the adsl logins so they can't use the line. Keeps the vpn users under policy and all that.

Which is why I asked how he was set up.


So they lock down his internet but allow him to attach his ipod (mass storage device). Just get the podcasts downloaded on another machine and USB them in or pop to McDonalds and use their free wifi access.

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The nearest McDonalds is over 3 hours drive away.


We're talking rural Russia here!


How far is it to the nearest mate who has ADSL to get them to download the podcast for you?


You never did say if your router is locked to the company or not.

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