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What Small Things Hack You Off More Than They Should Do?

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People who don't use indicators when they are centimetres from your fingers.

Staff who ignore you in shops / bars.

Liverpool FC and their supporters.



4x4 driving tossers who double park and block you in. Why is it always 4x4 drivers? Wankers, the lot of em!

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Children with wizened old faces, people with upside down mouths, parents stuffing buses with prams and strollers despite the fact that their mewling brat looks about four and can clearly walk about the place just fine.

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Pedestrians congregating in Strand Street (or anywhere else for that matter) gossiping away and in the process blocking half the street and shop entrances off for everyone else. Likewise the ignorant shoppers (usually in Tescos) who either a. block off an entire lane with their trolley while they slowly molest spring onions or b. those who refuse to deviate from their path and huff and puff until you get out of their way despite plenty of space to get by.

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I'm clearly getting old - but packaging which is impossible to get into without a chain saw and an aceteline torch


Good one. I bought an electric toothbrish last week and by the time I opened the packaging I had multiple lacerations to the fingers

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A Douglas motor supplies shop -


that sells me the wrong part -


turning a 1 hour job into a 2 day job -


then when I get the right part -


its the more expensive of the options.


(thats providing that they have the part in stock)

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People who, when receiving a call on their mobile when driving, just pull over and stop to take the call, without giving a bollox as to anyone else on the road or the problems or inconvenience they may be causing.


Also, the people who think that the call they are receiving on their mobile is more important than the conversation they are already having with the person they are with





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News progs amd papers--- first its Burma then its Myanmar then its effing Burma again, back once more to Myanmar----as of today the BBC is calling it Burma again


FFS make your mind up , how hard can it be to make an effing decision :angry:

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  • Reality TV.
  • Americans.
  • People who have never travelled anywhere other than the odd holiday resort.
  • People who don't realise how big the universe is, and how insignificant we are.
  • Spinning politicians.
  • Earwigs.
  • Rap music.
  • Opinionated people who don't think things through.
  • Ann Robinson, Jimmy Carr, Russell Brand ...and a few others.
  • Exercise adverts on satellite TV.
  • Religious people.
  • Small breasts.
  • Chavs.

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