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Ellen Macarthur


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What are the rules for sailing around the world? Does everyone who attempts it have to start/finish in the same place? I only ask because I once saw a documentary about an 18 year old who 'sailed around the world' but he started/finished in Australia so he had a much shorter route.

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It took Ellen 8 days, 18 hours, 20 minutes to reach the Equator, taking 14 hours and 3 minutes off Joyon's time of 9 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes....




She is currently 11hrs 32 mins ahead of the record holder and that is in less than 10 days sailing


Not only setting a new time to the Equator of 8 days, 18 hours and 20 minutes, Ellen had another extraordinary experience yesterday afternoon... The Royal Navy's frigate HMS Iron Duke and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker RFA Gold Rover, rendezvoused with Ellen just north of the Equator at approx 1700 GMT and a Lynx helicopter from HMS Iron Duke 'buzzed' past Ellen to take a few aerial shots... "It was so unbelievable - this has never happened to me before. One ship was to port and one to starboard - I chatted with the captain for a while, then they peeled away and carried on there way home. I felt really emotional once they had gone..." Sailing alone on the world's oceans, hundreds or thousands of miles from land, it is rare to see any birdlife and it is equally unique to have visual contact with another boat or ship. The two ships, enroute from the Falkland Islands via Brazil had been closely monitoring Ellen's progress, came within a mile of the trimaran B&Q and the ships company came on deck to cheer and wave


I just wish I as one of those to have seen her and I hope more see her along her journey to raise her spirits along the way

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* USHANT TO THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE... 19 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes taking 10 hours 45 minutes off Joyon's time...


* NUMBER CRUNCHING THE SOUTHERN OCEAN... Ellen's constant calculations: "Joyon sailed approximately 12,044 miles in the Southern Ocean at an average speed of 17.3 knots, that's an average of 415 miles per day. If I can keep the boat together, that has got to be doable".


Ellen is currently 16hrs 31mins ahead of the previous (only) record holder


Keep going girl :sweat:

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Ellen has now past half way and is over 2 1/2 days ahead.


Tango, I think you may have been dreaming while looking at her webcam ;)


Interesting fact from her website this afternoon

Ellen is approx 50 miles NNW of Macquarie Island which is located at 54 30 degrees S and 158 57 degrees E. Part of the state of Tasmania, Australia runs a scientific research base there that is home to over 40 people. The island is actually the exposed crest of the undersea Macquarie Ridge and is the only place on earth where rocks from the earth's mantle (6km below the ocean floor) are exposed above sea level...
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