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And a very good display it was, too

I disagree, I thought they were pretty dire. We watched from Onchan head... big thumbs down from us.

I'm sure others agreed, as normally you hear a big round of applause / cheering afterwards.... which didn't happen!

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Not as good as normal... but being a local, I do get to see them every year. For someone else seeing them for the first time, they were good enough!


Two points: Smoke cloud!!! really messed things up. No BIG finale at the end!! That's why people weren't applauding so much.. no-one was sure if it had ended.

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I agree that it wasn't as good as last year's display; however, that was a 'TT centenary special' (I thought).

I did think that anyone on the Onchan side of the bay was going to be disappointed on Wednesday as the breeze blew smoke that way and everything thy saw would be diffused through a smog. We watched from the prom at the VM and saw everything - not so many big, noisy ones this time out, but they must cost a fortune. It still wasn't bad for a free show... I enjoyed it, anyway! :D

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