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Yep, love it or loathe it, it's back for the summer. Launch show starting now on Channel 4.


From the Channel 4 website:-


The wait is nearly over. Soon a new group of housemates will enter the Big Brother House - the place they will call their home for the summer. Tonight (9pm on Channel 4), Davina will reveal the identities of the 16 new housemates in the launch show direct from the House. But revealed here is a taste of what's to come...


* One housemate does stand-up comedy


* One housemate has been deported from America


* One housemate is a DJ


* One housemate is a Buddhist


* One housemate is Muslim


* One housemate wears a watch worth £13,000


* Three housemates have children


* Three housemates were born outside the UK


* One housemate has appeared in a film with Hugh Grant


* One housemate has had a breast enlargement


* One housemate has never watched Big Brother


* The oldest housemate is 42


Who wins? you know the score...

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Secret mission already - hahaha.


Oh pmsl - this is going to be interesting.


They say a week is a long time in politics but I wonder, just how long this week will be for Lisa with Mario 'dating' Stephanie?

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