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Mohamed and Sylvia up for eviction this week then.


Sylvia's been quite annoying this week but I can see 3 women going out in a row and that Mo's a greedy bastard when it comes to food so it'll probably be him that goes unless Sylvia goes into meltdown once the results are known.

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This weeks shopping task - to recreate this


Heh, they're so gonna fail. :)


I can't believe they all sat there in awe of it, don't these people know anything - surely one of them must have seen that before - they've even copied it on an advert recently.

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HAHA - these numpties really DO need to get it into their thick skulls that they REALLY can't talk about nominations, auditions or the chaparone process.


FFS, only Darnell hasn't watched BB before, you'd think after 8 years these fuckwits would know the score by now.


Luke - you truly are a fooking dumbass!

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Yep, twas a bit gross tbh.


Hats off to the task peeps though, they did bloody well to do what they did in the time they had - I bet the real video took a lot longer to get right.


/off to eat my hat (pass the peanut butter Mickey)...

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Well, looks like Dennis may have been removed from the house. It all kicked off a bit last night due to Rex putting a small smudge on Jens portrait of Stuart, and ended up with Dennis spitting in Mohammed's face. Funny how things develop. ^_^

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