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Alcohol + housemates = emotions overload.




Jesus - she's still going on about it - SHUT UP!


EDIT: Methinks an alcohol ban is coming into effect - what a bunch of freaks.


I can see why Dennis got booted out - good riddance.

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I'm thinking that Rex and Mo are gonna get nominated next week but then maybe not - last week Mario was the villan but that swung around. I just hope that now some of the more vocal people (shit stirrers) are out that people will open their eyes. I had no issue with either Dale or Jen but after last night, I've drastically changed my opinion. That Shaun's a twat too.


Rex, Mo and Darnell are good viewing, they need to stay for a lot longer yet.


That Luke is starting to piss me off, his diary room antics are uber annoying.


Can we have some eye candy for the stand-in please BB and make her someone that won't be a total back-stabbing biatch - thanks. :)

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Switched on to see it all kick off tonight. I'm on Mo's side, when he said "it's just a painting" I thought finally someone sensible then he got spat at! I'm surprised he didn't lamp the horrible little man. Not seen much of this Dennis guy but it seems like BB fucked up on the profiling yet again!


I think it's time for some real eye candy, that Jen one wouldn't know what to do as she had all the guys wrapped around her little finger last night. Which one is Shaun Mish? He the guy that was getting it on with Sylvia?

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Is there an off switch for Luke?


I think he was born with his volume set at 11.


Bless, he didn't know Steph was a bottle blonde. :)


HAHA - he's proper dropping himself in the shit atm, "you're not a slut Jen"

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Having accidentally watched a few seconds of this TV disaster the other night, my first two thoughts were






and WTF




Can't believe this is still going - DeMol must be running out of ideas... They could at least spice it up a bit - if you're evicted, you get deported to North Korea or Siberia or something. It's all just soooo wrong.

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