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Yeah, i think Jen will go by a mile too


Rex is a bit of a numpty but Jen is a total bitch


Funnist thing is, all the bitchy people think they are the 'good group' and the group they percieve to be the bad group are all the ok people


Becks has been a total idiot for days, she's the nastiest person in there

Imagine if someone from Rex's group constantly slagged someone from Becks' group there would be uproar


But cause it's Becks constantly slagging Rex it's seen as ok by all her mates??!? Just like they all tried to defend Dennis when he spat, laughable

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I had it muted last night, what was up with Kat?


From the visuals, it looked like she was thinking of walking.


I hope they put someone new in just make sure it isn't another bloke with girly eyebrows, it's bad enough having stuart on screen all the time.


I'd prefer Jen to go tbh, she likes to turn the tears on too much imo. Rex is quite good viewing but I think he's bored of it now. Maybe if they do put 3 new people in and he stays, they'll be more his kind of people.

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Hmm like this split thing.


But honestly

Does anybody like rebecca?!


Would you dare let you child be in a playschool in the care of this woman?!


She acts like a 3 yr old herself - infact i have met more mature 3 year olds.



ahah. Get her out....



up for eviction this week


Rex & Belinda... who will go??


Belinda i hope

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I've got to say, my viewing of BB this year is not what it was last year. The live coverage is dire and I just can't be bothered staying up late at night for it. Even the daily highlights shows aren't on until 10pm. I'm not really getting into the new housemates either, Belinda just annoys me with her luvvieness and I've hardly seen anything of Maysoon so I'm guessing she's boring as fook. The Aussie seems okay I guess but again, not seen all that much of her.


Belinda to go for sure, Rex is good viewing so he'll be kept in.

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