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Is the blind one the one that's never watched BB? And he was partially blind when he was younger but went for an operation on his working eye and when they took the bandages off he couldn't see a thing.


So far everyone has come across as a bunch of twats, don't think i'll be watching this year!!

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8 of each then (I like even numbers).


Average age only 25.75 - that's got to be lower than previous years surely?


Oh and 'wicked' and 'oh my god' for this years catchphrases :rolleyes:

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Right, now they're all in, time for some initial thoughts on it all.


Loving the house, very plush bedroom 1, bedroom 2 is okay as well really but if there's an enforced divide it'll be tough for sure. Nice big living room space too, seems bigger than in previous years. Good sized garden as well, loving the smoking area ashtray (which they're all ignoring :) ).


Kitchen too small for lots of people, they'll need to be organised there.


Love the jail and solitary, so hope the annoying ones end up in there for long periods. :D


Tokens, not sure how that'll pan out, I guess it could be hard as the little thing become big things in that environment.


Intrigued by the clear room in the garden - what could it be?


Bathroom seems more open than ever, can't see too many being bold and going in there in the nip tbh.

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