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Heh, typical Big Brother.


To assist in the secret task, they've photoshopped Mario and Stephanie together (picture placed in Mario's suitcase) but then they go and put a picture of Stephanie and her boyfriend (or an ex) in her case (which she's had to fold up and hide). HAHAHA

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Don't like it, don't read dude.




C'mon, 10 posts in a row, double posting is bad enough...big brother is the epitome of mediocrity...and coming from a 'moderator' I would of expected a bit more...

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It appeared to me (from the very late night live viewing I saw last night) that the game is up on the faux relationship of Mario and Stephanie.


Is it just me or is there less live coverage on E4 this year?

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I'm sure that two pages of entrants could of fitted into one post. I mean, it's not really that exciting is it?


Oh come on... this is the highlight of Ramsey life! You have the opportunity to watch people on TV who perfectly resemble your home community. It's like meeting the new neighbours without having to move off the couch!


Come on Euro 2008!!! So glad I have something to watch on TV while Channel 4 is swallowed up in 'Big Brother live' rubbish... and endless... endless repeats of ignorant, common people.

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endless repeats of ignorant, common people.




You need to learn the difference between your TV with your mirror.




TV (Channel 4) shows ignorant, common people

Mirror shows some guy incredibly charming and good looking - me.


Think I got it. Thanx.

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