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TV (Channel 4) shows ignorant, common people

Mirror shows some guy incredibly charming and good looking - me.


It seems The Kitty has been peeping over your shoulder...


Well all the good looking guys in there are really shallow and cocky
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Im confused

I think that DjDan is calling himself "incredibly charming and good looking" and Declan is saying that DjDan is "really shallow and cocky" although I could be wrong in which case I'm confused as well.

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Stephanie does not seem to be handling the task very well - is the task just to stop people guessing about Mario & Lisa, because that bit seems to be going OK. If they fail and are all up for eviction who do you think will go?

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The others are supposed to believe that Mario and Stephanie are genuinely a couple - apparently Big Brother intends to marry them tomorrow!


If they succeed in pulling it off, the rest of the house are up for nomination next week. If they fail, Mario, Lisa, Stephanie and Luke are up for eviction.

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Being ill this weekend I spent the day watching TV and caught some of the BB Live coverage on E4 the wedding went ahead between Mario/Sean and Stephanie - Alexandra did stand up and say that she thought it was a sham wedding, but BB said that was not a lawful impediment and carried on

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