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There's some real Stephanie hate in the house. To my mind, there's plenty of housemates to dislike for their behaviour towards others and at the end of the day, she's the youngest of them all so it's to be expected that she won't necessarily treat people with respect all of the time. The fuss some of them made over the electric shocks for instance would to my mind single them out more than Stephanie.


Eviction night tonight then, It'll be interesting to see how the votes go. If people are basing their votes on keeping the annoying ones in for entertainment value then you'd think Stephanie would be safe but I dunno, maybe the voting public will see it differently.

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Very poor show, going live to the house in a silent room - what makes this year any different? The chants of "get alex out!" were great though, just a pity she didn't hear them :(

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Jesus that Alex has got some chip on her shoulder. All Rex was doing was giving Mo some basic hygiene advice in the kitchen and she goes off on one saying he's being disrespectful and demeaning. Then she starts on Mo saying "why do you let him talk to you like that, like you're a dog" - she's fooking barking herself methinks.

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Well, was that a genuine mistake or a deliberate attempt by Big Brother to stir things up in the house?


I can't believe, after 8 years of this that someone would accidentally switch the feed to the rest of the house - that's pretty shit imo.


Still, Alex reacted in typical Alex fashion, no doubt she'll not be there for week 3.


I'm surprised with all the Mario hate tbh, maybe he's playing a game and I'm not seeing it but I'd have put others up for eviction over him.


Anyone else still watching this or am I going to be talking to myself for the rest of the series?

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