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Forgive the thread necromancy....but Top Gear is back on Sunday night (27th January) on BBC2 at 8pm.

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Does aybody know what the internet site was last night that Jeremy brought up in his "look what I found on the internet" bit?


I was under the impression it was porn...

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Tonights was probably one of the best ever, loved the whole England vs Germany thing and them turning up in Spitfires.


I'll have to re-watch it on iPlayer though as the digital feed was fux0red tonight and kept dropping, much like teh interewebnets.


Here's hoping I get a good connection sometime in the next 7 days...

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I assume this is the episode?


Edit to add - Didn't realise it was the last in the series :-(


Top Gear


Thursday 31 July

8:00pm - 9:00pm




In the last show of the current series, Jeremy, Richard and James take on their rivals from the German equivalent of Top Gear, James drives some Japanese sportspeople in a very strange Japanese car, and Richard attacks the test track in a remarkable concept car from Mazda.


VIDEO Plus+: 8702


Subtitled, Widescreen

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