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An idea nicked from another forum. Basically, most people carry a camera of some kind around with them these days - either a proper one or even just a compact or the one on your mobile - but we sometimes don't seem to be getting a chance to use them enough.


The idea of this thread is to simply post one picture each a day, every day - can be anything and everything - doesn't matter.


Ideally a pic from that particular day, but I guess things like edits from older ones should count, too. Just get snapping, comment on each others efforts and see what kind of collection we end up with over time - I reckon it could be fun :)


First one - a snap from last night




The World needs more photos - make it so! :D

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My phone took this photo, I'm in awe  

Kotor Old Town, taken with my trusty 808 on full res. Still love that phone.  

My day at work, Bulldog;         30 seconds old. A lot of my job is brill.

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Not taken today,but I thought this one as it's similar to yours :)

Nice - Mersey tunnel?


New attempt for today - weird early morning ideas...




Keep'em coming! :)

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I purchased a new mobile a few months ago, but never tried out the camera before. A mobile is just a phone to me, not really a camera. Its a Sony Ericsson model (possibly a 770, don't really know or care that much) with a mere 3.3 mp. A far cry from my current DSLR.


Well this is the first shot (once I had worked out how to use it) taken on the way home this evening. All I have done (apart from reduce the size by half) is add a little hint of contrast and sharpened slightly, but not bad for a little camera. Temped to use it again soon, so watch out.


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