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My phone took this photo, I'm in awe  

Kotor Old Town, taken with my trusty 808 on full res. Still love that phone.  

My day at work, Bulldog;         30 seconds old. A lot of my job is brill.

Posted Images

The pretty new fuel guzzler - wonder how many tons it needs for a round trip to L'pool...


A shot from the proverbial "middle of nowhere", last night




Some village at night



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got to get back in the box before sunrise :lol:

Daywalker :cool:


Nuffin worked out today, though - that's just a random pic, taken waaayyy too late. Best light is between 4 and 5am at the moment - that was about 6ish.



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That looks awesome!


Good Morning btw


To be honest that area of Scotland is just so stunning. You could drop your camera and set it off accidently and there would be a beautiful picture. So for that one I could never take any credit for.


This one was just complete luck and could do with a caption, not apologising for the quality of the pic as it was at maximum zoom on a compact. But I do like the way the Huntmaster looks as if he is shouting at one of the hounds when actually he was trying to rein his horse in after it went garrity after a balloon went floating past him.





Shame the balloon isn't in shot but the flags in the background show how windy it was.

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Damn it! Fail hard! Take photos when sober. Such a shame as it was a magical light this morning




One day I'll see this sight sober, but for now you can see it how my eyes saw, a tadge fuzzy!





Shame as it was such a bueatiful sight to see

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