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Thanks :)

The third one down is a wee bit bland now I look at it again though.



Port Moore


post-503-037763600 1289381498_thumb.jpg

Don't you mean Glen Mooar


Not been to either for absolutely ages but isn't the beach at Glen Mooar sandy rather than rocky?

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Cret I am struck with awe at your first one, they're all great but I can't stop oggling the first one :o Right tomorrow since college is off I am going to do my best to get out in that wonderful snow! Thankyou Cret for making me get off my lazy arse and get out there. :D

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That's kind of you cheers Adam.


Unfortunately though I've just looked at these on another PC to which I edited them, and the last 3 (very last one is the lesser culprit of them) look horrendous now!

I'm going to have to sell my laptop and get one with a better screen, or else pack it in for editing as I've had loads of pics that looked great on that when editing but look psychedelic and horrible on other machines. :(


What a pain as I'll have to re do them on this machine now. Grrrr!


I just noticed as well that first pic has savaged the rule of thirds (not that you have to stick to it all the time or anything, but still) as it's a crop from the second.

And, not sure if my eyes deceive me or if I can see the notorious vertical banding the 7D is getting complaints about in that pic too.....


One more pic since I'm here anyway..


Edited by Cret
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