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Thanks for the nice comments guys!


Yeah, loving the 500D so far. Going to pick up a new lens next payday I think though...


As for filters, there was just a UV filter because I'm terribly paranoid about scratching the lens like an idiot. Small amount of post-processing, mostly just tweaks to white balance, clarity + vibrance though.


EDIT: And yeah it was shot on a tripod, Jessops have a deal on at the mo (or they did a week ago) where you get a free tripod worth about £50 with the 500D for a total of ~£470 or so.


EDIT2: Infact I can tell you exactly the settings thanks to that webpage... incase you missed them here they are:

Brightness +20

Clarity +52

Color Noise Reduction 25

Color Noise Reduction Detail 50

Contrast +12

Exposure +0.75

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I like that.


Here's a few I did today. After whinging all week about the weather and all yesterday in particular that it was too cloudy/overcast, today I wasn't happy as it was too clear.

Some people! Tide was too far out as well, but hey ho - was nice to get out for a bit and have a bit of a walk.












And a couple from last weekend too:





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Where abouts are those from? Also can you give me a some quick tips on that sort of subtle post-processing? :)


Took roughly one photo I'm pleased with today... out of 209. Oops!




Edit: And the horizon is wonky. Buggerit!

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That looks good in mono - I keep forgetting to try that, even though I've realised that some pics I've done that felt like they should have looked good didn't but then have come good when I've desaturated them (I know that's the quick & dirty method!).


As for post processing - it varies from one shot to the next. I like to try to lighten up foregrounds when they're too dark and vice versa with skies. The clarify slider does get some abuse in Camera Raw sometimes too, and a bit of tweaking to white balance depending on the pic.


They're from Niarbyl btw - except of course for the Scarlett ones.

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There have been some fantastic sunsets the last few nights, unfortunately work gets in the way of me taking any photos !


Luckily when I got home tonight there was still a great colour in the sky so I dashed out. Its a shame the tide wasnt in and there is no detail in the moon but you cant have everything...



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Great colour in the sky there mate. Last Friday and yesterday the sunsets were fantastic and I just had to look out of the office window, wishing I was out there with the camera.



The sunrise was brilliant yesterday too, and as I drove in this morning I caught a very brief glimpse of the sun just coming over the horizon, out to sea.

Was like a huge great orange and you could look right at it without any blinding, but a couple of minutes later when I saw it again it was way to bright to look at, and somehow looked as if it had shrunk.

Trick of the light I guess, but it looked superb when it was just appearing.

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Cret, re green seaweed, I often fall on my ass slipping on the stuff so will take note of the location next time !


Im not trying to pass the following off as a good image but I was trying to get my camera dialed in for taking pictures of the moon. If you look you can see the tail fin of a plane so the idea of getting a decent shot got in my head. I sat there for another 20 mins with planes passing all around the moon but I didnt get a second chance. If only I was a fraction of a second earlier (And in focus !) Its something I will be trying to do in the future.



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Sort of, thanks.


I suppose ideally, it'd be the kind of size of the stuff in your pic, but not so much on the ground as such, but draped over big round boulders if I could do. Almost like a seaweed/rock version of the "Baldy Man's" head/combover from Naked Video if anyone can remember that (ie a Rab C Nesbitt character).


Am probably being a little bit too specific I suppose!

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