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Heroes Season 3

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I think the logic was that if they get shot in the head they die.


This is despite the fact that Noah got shot in the head in the last series and was healed by Claire's blood and also tht both Claire and Peter have had things stuck into their heads that have 'killed' them but have recovered once those things have been removed.


Also it may have been down to The Haitian (or Dave as I like to think his real name is) but again as the crappy eclipse episodes proved characters can die when their powers are stopped but recover once the powers return.


So Arthur should surely have recovered as soon as Dave left.


I thing the real reason is that the writers are fucking idiots

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Claire said she couldn't heal whilst an object was in that place at the back of her neck.. which would imply if it's removed/melted maybe Sylar comes back.


The bit where it falls apart is the death of Arthur considering he took Adam's healing abilities and was merely shot in the front of the head...

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Should have just been one series. These things always go on way too long - and you end up remembering them for being crap. Instead of how good they were originally. EG - Twin Peaks.


I like the way that a typical British series is short. Fawlty Towers was 12 episodes where as M*A*S*H was about 11 seasons. Maybe 2 of which stand up.


Totally agree. One series and it would have been remembered for being a great and inventive series. Three series on, and it will just be remembered for being too long and confusing with daft plots.


I'm still watching but it is in no way as watchable as the first series.

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I've been putting off watching it on TV as I always ended up missing a few episodes. I think the crack habit will kick in when it comes out on dvd but judging by the comments on here it's going to be gash isn't it?



Though thanks to this thread I've seen two of the best ways to use the word fuck


"Fuck off Sylar as well. Just make him a baddie and have done with it, this good guy bad guy crap is just triesome. Fuck off Claire as well."


"That episode was such a shoehorn I don't even have the energy to express my annoyance at the whole thing. Fuck off Kring. "

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Watched it last night - good episode imo!


Got to see some action! Knew it wouldnt be so easy for Sylar ;)


Mr Bennett taking this path just to ensure Claires safety? Or does he actually agree with Nathans scheme?

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I actually thought it was approximately 983x better than any of the episodes in Season 3 Pt1.


Strained Guantanamo Bay reference aside, it was darker and a bit more focussed than before. Peter appears to have forgotten he could fly so not sure why he was so bothered about going out of a plane in mid air. His power appears to have changed too, he didn't need the contact with people before, just needed to be in their vicinity. Minor niggle though. Interested to see where they go with the Sylar backstory too.


I saw enough to keep me interested for a few more episodes yet.

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